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    Underwater Swimming Pool Tile Repair, Swimming Pool Annual Maintenance, Heater & Chiller Repair, Supply and Installation, Swimming Pool Leak Repair..

Poolfix is an industry leading swimming pool maintenance services & solutions provider in Dubai.

We, at Poolfix, realized from our experience over a decade in the pool construction and maintenance field that there are new innovative tools and products, which can make our life easy. With this in mind, we chose the best available products and the most cost effective solutions in maintaining and repairing a pool..

Underwater Swimming Pool Tile Repair

We have a specialized product for repairing the leakage, removed tiles, grouting and leakage through pool lights without draining the water. Our in-house diving team are well trained and highly skilled for this application.

Swimming Pool

We undertake the periodical maintenance of the pool of all sizes. Our team consists of all-round technicians who understand the pool equipment, pool water chemistry and preventive maintenance.

Swimming Pool Pump Repair and installation

We supply, install and repair swimming pool pumps for all applications, from backyard swimming pools to large scale commercial applications and water features.


Underwater Pool Tile Repair

Underwater Swimming pool tile repair using underwater adhessive.

Swimming Pool Annual Maintenance in Dubai

Swimming Pool Annual Maintenance packages for domestic and commercial swimming pool customers in Dubai.

Underwater Pool Tile Grouting

Underwater Swimming Pool Tile Grouting in Dunbai & Sharjah.

Swimming Pool Chiller, Heater unit Supply & installation in Dubai

Swimming Pool Chiller Heater Supply & installation Dubai

Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Repair in Dubai & Sharjah.

Swimming Pool Pump Repair in Dubai

Swimming Pool Pump Repair in Dubai & Sharjah.

Swimming Pool Design & Construction

Swimming Pool Design & Construction in Dubai & Sharjah

Swimming Pool Grouting

Swimming Pool Grouting / Re-Grouting in Dubai

Swimming Pool Cleaning in Dubai

Swimming Pool Cleaning in Dubai

Automatic Chemical Dosing & Control System Dubai

Automatic Chemical Dosing Control System Supply & installation in Dubai

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